TN: Clarksville Councilwoman working to repeal law impacting fortune tellers

Source: WKRN (Nashville)

“No cursing, spitting, or even throwing snowballs at trees. Those are real laws on the books over in Clarksville. ‘I was just reading through it’, said Trisha Butler. ‘That’s how I found it.’ Butler is one of the few people that still has a physical copy of Clarksville’s ordinances. ‘Just the more you read down the worst it gets,’ she said. The Clarksville city councilwoman discovered a few unique laws, but one involving fortune tellers caught her eye. ‘It talks about needing a college degree and having to have lived here for ten years and it’s talking about how tattoo parlors aren’t allowed to be within a mile of city hall,’ said Butler. As crazy as that all sounds, it’s actually real. In chapter 11 of the city’s code is an ordinance centered around fortune telling.” (08/01/22)