NASA Records Huge Flare From New, Active Region Emerging on Sun’s Surface

Source: Newsweek

“NASA has spotted a bright solar flare erupting from the side of the sun, suggesting a particularly active solar region could be rotating this way. The flare can be seen in the video above that was captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory on Sunday. In it, a contorted plasma structure can be seen moving on the left-hand side of the sun shortly before it erupts into space. … Sunday’s flare has been measured as a C9.3-class flare — a relatively weak classification relative to other solar flares. Flares can be classed by one of four letters increasing in strength from B, C, M, and X, and each classification has a subdivision from 1 to 9. Generally, flares only start having noticeable consequences on Earth if they are M-class or above.” (08/01/22)