OK: Former judge won’t be charged with sexual misconduct

Source: SFGate

“A special prosecutor said he won’t bring charges against a former Oklahoma judge accused of sexual misconduct with several women, including two prosecutors who practiced in his court. District Attorney Jason Hicks confirmed last week there wasn’t enough evidence to support criminal charges against former Oklahoma County Judge Tim Henderson, 63, The Oklahoman newspaper reported. Henderson abruptly resigned last year after being accused of sexual misconduct. ‘In this investigation, it is crystal clear that Henderson preyed on young women whom he believed would respond in his favor,’ Hicks said in a statement to the newspaper. ‘His actions generally started with emails, text messages, and an acknowledgment that he was willing and could help them with their careers. It is obvious that he violated the trust of the public, and our profession, and as such should never be allowed to practice law again.'” (08/01/22)