UK: Regime plans to end prosecutions for its troops’ war crimes in Ireland

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

“The U.K. government announced Wednesday that it plans to introduce a statute of limitations for alleged crimes committed during decades of violence in [occupied] Ireland, a move that would end prosecution for killings by both British soldiers and members of militant groups. … The U.K.’s Conservative government is under pressure from many party members and the military to lift the threat of prosecution from troops who served in [occupied] Ireland decades ago. Several prosecutions of former soldiers for alleged Troubles crimes have recently collapsed. Earlier this month, authorities announced plans to halt the prosecution of two former British soldiers over the killing of three people in [occupied] Ireland in 1972, including two shot dead on ‘Bloody Sunday,’ when paratroopers killed 13 Catholic civilians in the city of [Derry].” (07/14/21)