Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit Could Get Us All Killed

Source: Common Dreams
by Norman Solomon

“The arrogance of power is especially ominous and despicable when a government leader risks huge numbers of lives in order to make a provocative move on the world’s geopolitical chessboard. Nancy Pelosi’s plan to visit Taiwan is in that category. Thanks to her, the chances of a military confrontation between China and the United States have spiked upward. Long combustible over Taiwan, the tensions between Beijing and Washington are now close to ablaze, due to Pelosi’s desire to be the first House speaker to visit Taiwan in 25 years. Despite the alarms that her travel plans have set off, President Biden has responded timidly — even while much of the establishment wants to see the trip canceled.'” [editor’s note: Whether Pelosi visits Taiwan or not is none of the CCP regime’s business. Long-term, coddling their whining is more dangerous than ignoring it – TLK] (08/01/22)