Politifact’s Lame Attempt To Rescue Dr. Birx

Source: Town Hall
by Scott Morefield

“Just when you think you’ve caught them in a lie so big that even they can’t squirm their way out of it, the Covid Media Complex inevitably finds a way to muddy the waters enough to keep their narrative going. Such was the case when Dr. Deborah Birx said earlier this month that she was aware early on that the Covid vaccines ‘were not going to protect against infection.’ She also, while claiming they still protect against severe illness and death, astonishingly admitted that the vaccines had been ‘overplayed’ in the fight against Covid. … Dr. Birx seems to have been fairly consistent in never explicitly claiming that the Covid vaccines would stop transmission or contraction of the virus. In this, Politifact is technically correct.” (08/01/22)