Marbury v. Biden

Source: The American Conservative
by Peter Van Buren

“Joe Biden doesn’t have the guts to do what liberals are suggesting he do, namely, refuse to abide by a Supreme Court ruling. It’s not clear it would matter anyway. The real biggest change since Roe is the availability of chemical abortions. … if America is good at anything, it is smuggling drugs across state lines. So certainly ‘abortion pills’ will be readily available to many woman in non-abortion states, albeit illegally, the same way other drugs smuggled across borders are illegal. This means, then, in the crudest of terms, that it is unclear how many women will not have access to an abortion post-Dobbs. Biden, for his part, is being pushed to refuse to respect a decision of the Supreme Court. Joe Biden’s White House is considering executive action to make abortion pills accessible nationwide despite the existence of state laws restricting such drugs.” (08/01/22)