Want to know what a “banana republic” looks like?

Source: Washington Post
by Jennifer Rubin

“Nervous pundits warn that for the good of the country, the Justice Department ought not to indict Donald Trump, since prosecuting a former president is the sort of thing ‘banana republics’ do. That’s wrong on two grounds. First, it is not up to Attorney General Merrick Garland to decide what’s in the country’s long-term democratic interests. The decision whether to ‘spare the country’ the turmoil surrounding a past president’s criminal trial rests with the chief executive, as was the case under President Gerald Ford. … Second, prosecuting a former political leader is not what will turn the United States into a ‘banana republic.’ Indeed, I have some unfortunate news for the nervous Nellies: Our country is already on its way to becoming a failed democracy. The question is now what we intend to do about it.” (07/31/22)