Booze and liberty

Source; The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“The connections (for many people) between beverage alcohol (booze! — beer, wine, hard liquor, and all the other stuff) and liberty is close. Not so much for ALL lovers of liberty — including those of us here at The Price of Liberty. We are, basically tee-totallers: we don’t drink the stuff except maybe in medicine (and prefer not to then). Just as we don’t do drugs — recreational in particular — but really try to also minimize all the other stuff the medi-crats and medi-technocrats try to get us to ingest, rub on, inject, and even breath in. But NOT doing booze or drugs does NOT mean — as lovers of liberty — that we believe that people should be prevented from making their own decisions about doing this stuff. ESPECIALLY not when it is GOVERNMENT supposedly trying to prevent them.” (07/31/22)