The all-out assault on the humanities

Source: spiked
by Frank Furedi

“Once upon a time the academy was all about the humanities. But no more. Today UK universities increasingly regard subjects like English, history and classics as optional extras, courses for the posh and privileged — or, worse still, irrelevant. … It is not a surprise that many young people are turning away from the humanities. These subjects have often been a target of philistine contempt from successive governments and business interests. They argue that since the humanities do not have any economic value, universities should either scrap them or limit the numbers of students studying them. Social-justice advocates and other culture warriors also express hostility towards the humanities. They claim that the humanities are elitist, irrelevant to the needs of minorities and compromised by their supposed association with white privilege and racism. So the humanities face an unholy alliance of philistine technocrats and woke culture warriors.” (07/31/22)