The Biden Administration: Sophistry in Motion

Source: American Spectator
by Frank Schell

“The Biden administration has mastered sophistry, the use of ostensibly logical but erroneous arguments that are intended to deceive — or at least bamboozle. First, on Thursday the Bureau of Economic Analysis confirmed that second-quarter gross domestic product contracted by 0.9 percent. As first-quarter GDP contracted by 1.6 percent, we now have evidence of what one hopes is a mild recession. Two successive quarters of contraction have been the accepted definition of a recession since 1974, as then defined by the late economist Julius Shiskin, whose career spanned the Census Bureau, Office of Management and Budget, and Bureau of Labor Statistics. After saying earlier this week that there would be no recession, President Joe Biden said that it is ‘no surprise that the economy is slowing down.'” (07/31/22)