That Facebook post about abortion could land you in jail — if South Carolina legislators have their way

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression
by Will Creeley & Nadine Strossen

“[W]ith Roe gone, some states are rushing to criminalize not only abortion, but talking about abortion. Legislators in South Carolina wasted no time introducing a bill that not only would punish performing or inducing abortions with up to 25 years in prison, but would also make it an equally-punishable felony to ‘knowingly or intentionally aid, abet, or conspire’ with another person to obtain an abortion. To remove any doubt about what aiding and abetting means, lawmakers spelled it out precisely: ‘providing information to a pregnant woman, or someone seeking information on behalf of a pregnant woman, by telephone, internet, or any other mode of communication regarding self-administered abortions or the means to obtain an abortion.'” (07/29/22)