It’s Past Time to Replace IRS Chief Charles Rettig

Source: The American Prospect
by Hannah Story Brown & Glenna Li

“Earlier this month, The New York Times broke the story that former FBI director James Comey and his former deputy director Andrew McCabe, both loathed and eventually fired by President Trump, also both underwent rare and intensive tax audits …. Out of around 154 million annual tax returns, the National Research Program selected just 5,000 tax returns in 2017 and 8,000 in 2019 to audit. Neither man knew the other had undergone the same audit until a Times reporter told them. Both audits were conducted under the leadership of Trump’s handpicked IRS head Charles Rettig, who remains IRS commissioner to this day after President Biden chose not to rock the boat last year by replacing him.” [editor’s note: These pundits are correct but not for the reasons they list; “tribute to the king” is theft in any form – SAT] (07/29/22)