ND: Oglala Sioux Tribe Rescinds Ordinance Suspending Churches and Missions

Source: Native News Online

“On Wednesday, July 27, the Oglala Sioux Tribal (OST) Council voted that churches and missions can continue day-to-day operations, but must register within 90 days. The tribal council voted 10-7 to rescind Tuesday’s ordinance, which put a stop to all activities by churches and missions on the reservation. … ‘Tuesday’s ordinance was to specifically ask [sic] religious organizations to register with the tribe, as they are required to do so with the state of South Dakota,’ said OST Councilwoman Cora White Eagle during Wednesday’s meeting. ‘It’s already a tribal code that when missions start on the reservation that they need approval by the tribal council.’ There was tremendous confusion within the reservation for many people. Funerals, weddings, and other activities scheduled at churches were planned prior to the ordinance the council passed on Tuesday, said OST Councilwoman Jackie Siers at Wednesday’s meeting.” [hat tip: Nathan Barton] (07/30/22)