Gorgosaurus: Ancient dinosaur skeleton sells for $6 million at auction

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“A rare ancient dinosaur skeleton has been sold in the US to an unknown buyer for just over $6m (£4.95m). It was offered up by Sotheby’s and sold at the firm’s natural history auction in New York City on Thursday. The fossil is that of a Gorgosaurus (a distant relative of the infamous and deadly Tyrannosaurus rex) that was discovered in 2018. The anonymous buyer will have the unique opportunity to bestow a nickname on the one-time apex predator. The sale is the second-ever of a fossilised dinosaur skeleton auctioned by Sotheby’s. The first, a T-rex nicknamed Sue, was sold to Chicago’s Field Museum in 1997 for $8.36m. The Gorgosaurus was expected to attract bids of up to $8m. It is the only specimen of its kind to be offered up for private ownership. There are only 20 fossils like it known to exist around the world.” (07/28/22)