FL: Cop charged with felony battery for grabbing another cop by the throat

Source: Fox News

“A Florida police officer is being charged with felony battery after grabbing another officer by the throat and screaming at her last year. Footage from multiple body cameras captured the officer, Sgt. Christopher Pullease, soon after he arrived at the scene of an ongoing arrest in November 2021. … Pullease exited his patrol vehicle and immediately began shouting expletives at and threatening the suspect, who was already handcuffed and inside another patrol vehicle with the door open. ‘If you ever give disrespect to my f***ing officers I will remove your f***ing soul from your f***ing body,’ Pullease yells at the suspect while leaning into the vehicle. A female officer then grabs Pullease by his belt and pulls him away. The sergeant spins and grabs the fellow officer by the throat, pushing her backward before letting his hand fall to grab her vest’s shoulder strap.” (07/28/22)