Throw Away Your Dictionary

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“A couple of big-ticket items on the Democratic agenda this week: * Renaming monkeypox (Tucker Carlson suggested ‘Schlong Covid’); * Redefining recession (because we aren’t in one; don’t believe what you read); * Selling a spending bill as anti-inflationary (it’s not your money!) We talked about this briefly a while back, but the stupidity is the point. … If I were to conjure up a ‘propaganda metric’ of sorts, it would be high during periods defined by authoritarian tendencies and low during periods heavier on Democratic [sic] tendencies. Additionally, the higher the metric and more frequent the propaganda, the more unstable the edifice of authority. If you’re insulted by these boldfaced lies, you should be. But — and I know this is hard — draw comfort from the signal beyond the noise here: you’re draining power away from those attempting to sell you lies.” (07/28/22)