Noam Chomsky: We Can Free Ourselves from State Capitalism

Source: Common Dreams
by David Goessmann

“David Goessmann: In the book Consequences of Capitalism, you and Marv Waterstone point to three central consequences of capitalism: the environmental and climate crisis, military escalation, and the neoliberal hollowing out of the economy and society. To what extent is capitalism responsible for these developments? And: What role do politics, the media and other social groups play in the escalation of the crisis? Noam Chomsky: A few preliminary clarifications are necessary. Adam Smith’s framework is a useful one for addressing the topic. As he discussed, the ‘Masters of mankind’ (in his day, the merchants and manufacturers of England) are the ‘principal architects’ of government policy, and ensure that their own interests are protected, however ‘grievous’ the effects on the population. Perceptive words, which continue to apply. One consequence is that we do not live in capitalist societies. Such a society would destroy itself very quickly.” (07/28/22)