Neither lux nor veritas: Yale pairs speech-protective policies with a culture of intolerance

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression
by Libby Snowden

“‘I hope you, personally, will one day apply the values of intellectual diversity.’ ‘I’d rather eat shards of glass.’ ‘Go fuck yourself!’ These were the types of messages that filled my inbox after I emailed half of the Yale student body about a William F. Buckley, Jr. Program event featuring Sen. Ted Cruz. My friend who sent the other half of the emails received similar replies, and students blasted him in Instagram stories. Someone even sent out a mass email with a fake Q&A link and attached his name to it. Unfortunately, I knew this response was coming. Yale, which this year received FIRE’s ignominious Lifetime Censorship Award, lacks a culture of free expression and willingness to engage with alternative views. Instead, there is a culture of ostracization for offering — not even endorsing — an opposing point of view.” (07/28/22)