Will the Feds Try Price Controls to “Fix” Price Inflation?

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Josep Solis Mullen

“As policymakers continue to mine the twentieth century for mistakes to repeat — from protectionism to higher taxes, to trying to start a second Cold War technology and arms race — it seems only logical to ask how long it will be before popular discontent over the rising consumer prices generated by their mismanagement of the money supply leads them to resurrect one of the most serious and notable policy failures of the last hundred years: price controls. … Should inflation persist or accelerate, price controls may be presented as a temporary necessity, as in 1971 under Nixon. Far more certain, however, is that price controls, whatever their guise, will do nothing to resolve the issue underlying the inflation: the amount of goods and services being produced are being outstripped by the growth in the money supply.” (07/14/21)