Not a Penny More for the IRS

Source: The American Spectator
by Grover Norquist

“Congress should not increase funding for the IRS. Not $40 billion more, as a ‘bipartisan’ group of senators demands. Not $80 billion more, as Biden and the Democrat leadership demand. Not one red cent. It is ridiculous to even consider more tax dollars for the Internal Revenue Service until those at the IRS responsible for the ‘leak’ of private tax returns and audits to a left-wing political group, ProPublica, have been identified, fired, and jailed. Releasing IRS data is a crime punishable by five years in prison, per infraction. … The IRS needs a complete overhaul before any additional cash or pay raises or more hiring is even discussed.” [editor’s note: Norquist tries to make this a Democrat vs. Republican issue, but Republicans including Nixon and Bush the Elder were also credibly accused of using the IRS as a political attack dog. Abolish it! – TLK] (07/13/21)