Would You Abdicate If You Could Be The Dictator?

Source: Cobden Centre
by Dr. Richard M Ebeling

“[Leonrd] Read hosted a dinner party at his home with several prominent free-market-oriented economists and California businessmen. Toward the end of the conversations about collectivist trends in America, one of the guests asked Mises, ‘Now, let us suppose you were the dictator of these United States. What would you do?’ Read said, ‘Quick as a flash came the reply, ‘I would abdicate!’’ Read went on to say that in his mind, Mises’s response was an instance of the wisdom of how little any one of us knows to presume to plan — ‘dictate’ — what others in society should do and how they should live.In the political arena, getting things done means government telling people what to do and how to do it. Alas, we are surrounded with far too many people who presume to do just that.” (07/28/22)