Mali: Regime says 15 soldiers, three civilians killed in separate “terrorist” attacks

Source: CNN

“Scores of attackers were killed in Mali on Wednesday, after the country’s military pushed back on three separate ‘terrorist attacks’ on towns and military outposts that left at least a dozen Malian soldiers and three civilians dead, Mali’s armed forces said Wednesday. … Six soldiers were killed and another 25 were injured after armed assailants attacked an army position in Sokolo, a town in southern-central Mali, the army said. Malian soldiers killed 48 attackers and destroyed three pickups containing weapons and ammunition during a subsequent counterattack, according to a provisional assessment from the country’s armed forces. Assailants also killed nine soldiers and three civilians in an attack early on Wednesday on the southwestern town of Kalumba. Malian forces contained and pushed back the attack and destroyed several ‘terrorist logistical bases’ that were camouflaged with vegetation, the military said.” (07/28/22)