Biden’s Knock-Knock Joke Isn’t Funny

Source: Independent Institute
by K Lloyd Billingsley

“Joe Biden is tapping Health and Human Services secretary Xavier Becerra to send door-knocking squads to ‘educate’ unvaccinated Americans. ‘The federal government has spent trillions of dollars to try to keep Americans alive during this pandemic. So it is absolutely the government’s business,’ Becerra explains, and ‘knocking on doors has never been against the law.’ Nobody said it was, but there’s more here than a straw-man argument. The federal government spends trillions on many things, but that does not diminish American’s constitutional rights and basic freedoms. Embattled Americans might wonder if Becerra’s HHS squads might knock on the doors of the already vaccinated in order to ‘educate’ them in other ways. … With ordinary Americans now being cast as violent extremists and domestic terrorists, the people might wonder if the HHS squads, perhaps joined by the FBI, might knock down a few doors.” (07/13/21)