Populists at the Gates

Source: Foreign Policy
by Michele Barbero

“For the first time in decades, under now outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Italy seemed to have claimed back its mantle as one of the pillars of the European Union. … But following the downfall of Draghi’s national unity government this month, Italian political parties have swiftly leapt back into campaign mode …. Polls suggest that the post-fascist Brothers of Italy party has a good chance to come out on top in a general election slated for the end of September, with its leader, Giorgia Meloni, close to becoming Italy’s first far-right (and first female) leader since the end of World War II. … And she’s not alone. … [a] combined right-wing front is expected to snag about 45 percent of the vote — enough to secure a comfortable majority of seats in Parliament.” (07/27/22)