Cancel culture empowers the powerful — at everyone else’s expense

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression
by Robert Shibley & Talia Barnes

“When Washington Post reporter David Weigel retweeted a joke in early June, he probably didn’t expect to be suspended without pay for a month …. Comedian Dave Chappelle probably didn’t expect to have his show at First Avenue in Minneapolis canceled last week either — but given reactions to his jokes about transgender issues, he probably wasn’t surprised it happened somewhere. Chappelle can’t really be ‘fired,’ of course, and he performed at a nearby venue the same week. Some view these cancellations as success stories: They see the widespread chilling of ‘bad’ speech as a desirable outcome, ridding our public square of everything from hate to poor taste. But cancel culture never does stop exactly where our individual senses of moral judgment — all of which differ, of course — might suggest.” (07/27/22)