Is Eric Weinstein a crackpot?

Source: Nonzero Newsletter
by Robert Wright

“Is Eric Weinstein — unofficial founder of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web,’ money manager for eccentric billionaire Peter Thiel, and frequent guest on the Joe Rogan show and other power podcasts, where he’s gained a reputation for brilliance — a crackpot? … Weinstein, who has a PhD in math from Harvard, says he’s developed a unified field theory — a ‘theory of everything’ — that, if correct, could not only put him next to Einstein in the physics pantheon, but put him above Elon Musk in the visionary hierarchy. … I’m not fit to pass judgment on Weinstein’s theory or its relevance to the crackpot question. … The dimension of the crackpot question I feel more qualified to explore is the second one: Weinstein has a tendency to sound like a conspiracy theorist — and, not infrequently, like a victim of the conspiracies he theorizes.” (07/13/21)