Democrats only care about illegal [sic] immigration when it impacts them

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“It’s fun to see what happens when so-called compassionate libs get a taste of their own no cost, compassion. You know, the kind they prescribe for other people because they don’t have to pay the price. But you do. Take immigration where everything is free for anybody who comes in because it’s in your state and not theirs. Sorry, Texas, you’re screwed. It’s your fault for bordering Mexico and inventing Dr. Pepper. It’s true. It must be how my parents felt when they went away for the weekend and I had half the chess club over to drink their booze. True, there were only two people in the club, so it was just me. … Sorry, but forever, border states complained about the burdens placed on their services with the influx of illegal [sic] immigrants. They aren’t complaining about the people, but the policies.” (07/27/22)