SCOTUS Gutting [sic] the Regulatory State

Source: In These Times
by Thomas M Hanna

“At the end of June, the conservative-dominated U.S. Supreme Court issued an explosive series of politically and ideologically motivated decisions designed to fundamentally reshape society. Over the course of just a few days, the Court struck down federal abortion rights [sic], trampled on indigenous people’s rights, further eroded the separation between church and state, aided the proliferation of gun violence [sic], and kneecapped [sic] the federal government’s ability to address climate change. While shocking, these rulings are not surprising. In fact, they are part of a decades-long, highly successful war by the political Right to dismantle the mild [sic] regulatory and social democratic state that developed following the New Deal and World War II, and revive and reinvigorate private, elite (i.e. wealthy and white) control of society and the economy.” [editor’s note: This scribbler thinks this is a bad thing of course – SAT] (07/26/22)