The Church of Scientology’s Audacious Interpretation of the First Amendment

Source: The New Republic
by Matt Ford

“Last week, the church asked the Supreme Court to help move a dispute out of the legal system and into the church’s own. At issue is whether the Church of Scientology can compel ex-members who accused it of misconduct into a religious arbitration process that it supervises. A California appeals court said no earlier this year, concluding that such compulsion would violate the ex-members’ First Amendment rights. The church claimed that the ruling infringed upon the church’s ability to organize and discipline its congregants — a Gordian knot of religious freedom claims that the justices may soon decide whether to cut.” [editor’s note: To me this seems more about “impairing the obligation of contract.” The plaintiffs agreed to X in exchange for Y, and now that they no longer like Y, they don’t want to be bound to X – TLK] (07/27/22)