Now we see the wisdom of the high court’s “vulgar cheerleader” ruling

Source: Washington Post
by George F Will

“Only 13 months after the Supreme Court sided with Pennsylvania’s vulgar cheerleader, its decision benefited a Colorado teenager who has the cringeworthy ‘humor’ common among adolescent males. … ‘C.G.’ was in a suburban Denver thrift store trying on stuff, including something that he thought resembled a World War II-era military hat.C.G. posted on Snapchat a picture of a friend wearing it, and C.G. added this caption: ‘Me and the boys bout [sic] to exterminate the Jews.’ … he deleted it after a few hours and posted this apology: ‘I’m sorry for that picture it was ment [sic] to be a joke.’ But before the deletion, a Snapchat ‘friend’ of C.G. took a screenshot of the post and showed it to her father, who evidently has an adolescent’s wisdom: He called the police. … they ‘found no threat.’ No incipient genocide. End of story? Not in this age of social media and dithering adults.” (07/27/22)