Cubans are losing their fear. We want change.

Source: Washington Post
by Abraham Jimenez Enoa

“We Cubans can’t stand this regime anymore, and our frustration is boiling over. A country with severe shortages of food and medicine, with a collapsed health care system under covid-19, plus power outages and increased political repression, has finally exploded. And this just compounds decades of mismanagement and authoritarianism. The many peaceful demonstrations on Sunday by Cubans demanding basic rights and freedoms, demanding the simplest things that can be expected in life — a plate of food, access to medicine — faced repression by troops in antiriot gear, police and agents in plainclothes who opened fire and beat and arrested demonstrators. … Cubans have moved on from complaining in whispers inside their own houses and nodding in disapproval in the streets to taking real action. The protests have shaken up the regime.” (07/13/21)