Chuck Schumer Learned Nothing From the Failure of Pot Legalization in California

Source: Reason
by Jacob Sullum

“During the next year, California officials said last week, the state expects to seize ‘more than $1 billion worth of illegal cannabis products.’ That announcement came a few weeks after the U.S. Justice Department bragged about guilty pleas by 11 unlicensed California marijuana merchants who had been nabbed with help from state and local law enforcement agencies. The continuing war on weed in California, which supposedly legalized marijuana in 2016, reflects the striking failure to replace black-market dealers with state-licensed vendors, a plan that has been doomed by high taxes, local bans, and overregulation. Judging from the marijuana legalization bill he introduced last week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D‒N.Y.) has learned nothing from that experience.” (07/27/22)