Russian gang blamed for global ransomware attack vanishes from web

Source: Politico

“The ransomware hacker gang REvil’s websites are offline, about a week and a half after the group’s cyberattack on IT software vendor Kaseya allowed the criminals to breach hundreds of companies around the world. As of Tuesday morning, the group’s public website, the dark-web portal that facilitated its ransom negotiations with victims and the site that victims used to pay those ransoms were offline. In addition to REvil’s websites, ‘all of their infrastructure’ used to control their hacking operations is also dark, said Allan Liska, an intelligence analyst who tracks ransomware for the cybersecurity firm Recorded Future. … It is unclear why REvil’s public presence has disappeared or whether the outage is permanent or temporary. Ransomware gangs sometimes suffer from internal squabbles that disrupt their operations.” (07/13/21)