Trump’s 2024 Soft Launch

Source: The Atlantic
by David A Graham

“The idea of a Donald Trump–oriented think tank is inherently absurd. Whatever your views on the former president, there’s no question that wonkish attention to policy was never the point or the focus of his administration — which might explain the strangeness of his speech today at the America First Agenda Summit, where a blood-soaked philippic on crime became a cringey laugh-fest of transphobic jokes. The D.C. conference is hosted by the America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit created by former members of his administration to promote his policy ideas. In other words, one would imagine that this would be among the friendliest audiences Trump could encounter. (Well, maybe you would imagine that. Peter Navarro, not entirely surprisingly, sees a Communist conspiracy.) … I immediately had the sense that I was hearing a preview of a Trump 2024 stump speech.” (07/26/22)