Frivolous litigants seek $150 million payday over Alex Jones hurting their feelz

Source: CNN

“The lawyer for two Sandy Hook families that have sued right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones asked a jury on Tuesday to award his clients $150 million in damages [sic] in a trial that will determine how much money they receive. … [Ambulance-chasing barrator Mark] Bankston said the $150 million figure amounted to $1 for each person who believes false information about the Sandy Hook shooting pushed by Jones, which he argued is about 75 million. … During the proceedings on Tuesday, [judge Maya Guerra] Gamble admonished Jones for speaking to the news media during a recess. ‘We’re not going to have that happen again,’ Gamble said. Gamble said every participant in the trial is ‘ordered to be silent’ about the case when outside the courtroom ‘or if there is any member of the jury in sight.'” (07/26/22)