Cuba Libre!

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“Over the years, I’ve paid attention now and then to the burdens and agony of Cubans. My unit was involved in providing aid to the Marielito boatlift …. I’ve seen and read of thousands of refugees fleeing (and too many dying) across the Gulf to Florida. … And I’ve seen the likes of Bernie Sanders and Obummer and others proclaiming the wonders and tremendous good example of Cuba and its wonderful medical and educational opportunities. And right now, I’m watching recordings — seemingly ordinary people — shouting libertad! and waving US flags. And hearing the mainstream media tell me that the people are protesting high food prices and expensive or non-existent COVID-19 vaccines, in fear that Americans are going to kill them all by infecting them with the Beer Flu. Who you gonna believe?” (07/13/21)