Mexico: Tennessee cop held in jail after bringing gun into country

Source: Fox News

“A Tennessee police officer is currently jailed in Mexico after Cancun authorities reportedly found a pistol in his luggage. According to local WKRN, Lemandries Hawes, an officer with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, was arrested at the Cancun airport on July 9. His department said Hawes declared the personally owned firearm with the airline, but Mexican law still prohibits bringing guns into the country. Hawes was scheduled for a hearing on Monday. Fox News reached out to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Tuesday morning, but they did not have any new information for the time of publication. Officer Hawes is new to the Metro Nashville police, having just graduated from their academy in February after starting with them in October.” [editor’s note: Drug cartels pushing poisoned fentanyl operate freely, but you can’t bring a gun into the country? – SAT] (07/26/22)