Iraq: Court overturns verdict against Briton, orders release

Source: SFGate

“A retired British geologist sentenced to 15 years for antiquities smuggling in Iraq may soon go free after a Baghdad court overturned his conviction, his family and lawyer said on Tuesday. Baghdad’s Court of Cassation, or appeals court, overturned the verdict against Jim Fitton, 66, last month, his lawyer Thair Soud told the Associated Press. The decision was made on the basis of an appeal filed by Soud shortly after Fitton was convicted. … The court ‘agreed with the justifications we drove in the memo against the sentence and how it was based on mistakes in the application of the law, and further, in the assessment of the evidence,’ Soud told The Associated Press. Fitton drew international attention last month after the conviction for picking up shards of pottery from an archeological site in southern Iraq.” (07/26/22)