The Importance of Laughter in Politics

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“I’ll never forget when a friend’s dad, who comes from a background nearly identical to mine, told me that watching Jon Stewart made him ‘more liberal.’ It stayed with me, the same way I’ll always remember when an old boss, probed about why he would endorse policies any respectable person would oppose, stated, ‘I just like to win.’ It made me realize that for many people, their opinions are selected for them via various social pressures and incentives: bosses, wives, whatever. You can’t really blame them. Not everyone wants to ‘rock the boat’ 24/7/365. When my friend’s dad guiltily admitted watching Jon Stewart pushed him left as we sat in a hotel lobby in Oxford, Mississippi, he inadvertently revealed an enduring truth about modern politics: the winner is often the one having the most fun.” (07/26/22)