Performative Cruelty Is Republicans’ Only Remaining Policy

Source: Common Dreams
by Mike Lofgren

“Do you remember the incident during the 2016 campaign when Donald Trump mocked a reporter with a physical disability? The crowd of his supporters thought it was screamingly funny. Or the following year when he told an audience of police ‘please don’t be too nice’ to suspects, suggesting they could bang the arrestee’s head against the patrol car when putting him in the seat? This is known as ‘performative cruelty’: putting on a show of belittling or humiliating people to make oneself or one’s group appear stronger. ‘Performative’ means it is generally in a public setting. Over the course of Trump’s administration, it became evident that his supporters voted for him not out economic anxiety or any other of the New York Times’ comforting myths, but to have a champion who would be mean and nasty towards the groups that they hated, feared, or resented.” (07/26/22)