US Railroad Workers Inch Closer to a Possible National Strike

Source: In These Times
by Jeff Schuhrke

“After waiting over two years to secure a new union contract, and still reeling from the impacts of Wall Street-ordered cost-cutting measures, 115,000 beleaguered workers who operate the nation’s freight railroads are inching closer towards a possible strike, which could come as soon as September. In an effort to drive down operating expenses and reward their wealthy shareholders, in recent years railroad companies have implemented ​’precision scheduled railroading’ (PSR) – a version of just-in-time, lean production that centers on reducing the workforce and closing facilities. ‘For years, they cut and cut and cut. It didn’t matter which department or terminal, it was indiscriminate,’ said Michael Paul Lindsey, an Idaho-based locomotive engineer with Union Pacific.” (07/25/22)