GA: Democrats offer blueprint for taking over other Sun Belt states

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“The Georgia Democratic Party has its answer for how the state delivered its electoral votes to Joe Biden for president in November and gave Democrats control of the U.S. Senate with runoff victories two months later. The short answer: time, money and plenty of staff and volunteers using ‘tailored outreach’ to make Georgia’s electorate younger, less white and more focused on absentee and early voting than it’s ever been. In a new analysis of the 2020 cycle, state party officials cast the outcome essentially as Politics 101. Yet any details of Georgia Democrats’ road map promise to attract interest given the state’s shift from reliably Republican to the nation’s hottest battleground. Georgia Democrats’ focus on narrow demographic slices of the electorate could prove especially intriguing to party leaders in other Southern Sun Belt states including North Carolina, Florida and Texas.” (05/26/21)