Tunisia: Saied’s supporters celebrate new constitution, but turnout is low

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar state media]

“Some Tunisians have begun celebrating a win for the ‘Yes’ vote in a constitutional referendum brought by President Kais Saied, despite the election authority saying only about a quarter of registered voters had turned out. An exit poll from Sigma Conseil, a Tunisian polling company, said 92.3 percent of voters had backed the new constitution, which opponents say will entrench one-man rule. Only 7.7 percent voted ‘No.’ Out of some nine million registered voters, just 1.9 million people came out to vote, with the opposition mainly choosing to boycott the vote. … Saied, who has been ruling by decree for a year, has already amassed significant power, removing the parliament and sacking dozens of judges.” (07/26/22)