Trump Is the Bull. The 2024 Republican Primary Is the China Shop.

Source: The New Republic
by Michael Tomasky

“It’s boring conventional wisdom by now that the House January 6 committee has done an excellent job. But for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been wondering if they’re doing too good a job. … It’s clear to anyone actually watching and taking in what’s going on at the hearings that making Trump president again is just unthinkable. … A part of me, and probably the larger part, doesn’t want Trump to run, and for the obvious reason: Any chance greater than zero that he might get back to the White House is a chance that he’ll kill off our democracy. But another part of me wants a discredited and preferably indicted Trump to run and wreak havoc in the Republican Party. Consider with me the three possible scenarios for the 2024 Republican nomination process.” (07/25/22)