North Korea: Regime pushes traditional medicine to fight COVID-19

Source: SFGate

“As a medical student in North Korea, Lee Gwang-jin said he treated his fevers and other minor ailments with traditional herbal medicine. But bad illness could mean trouble because hospitals in his rural hometown lacked the ambulances, beds, even the electricity at times needed to treat critical or emergency patients. So Lee was skeptical when he heard recent North Korean state media reports that claimed such so-called Koryo traditional medicine is playing a key role in the nation’s fight against COVID-19, which has killed millions around the world. ‘North Korea is using Koryo medicine a lot (for COVID-19) … but it’s not a sure remedy,’ said Lee, who studied Koryo medicine before he fled North Korea in 2018 for a new life in South Korea. ‘Someone who is destined to survive will survive (with such medicine), but North Korea can’t help others who are dying.'” (07/25/22)