SCOTUS abortion ruling: Here are the facts

Source: Fox News
by US Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS), MD

“‘Don’t let the sun set on an ectopic pregnancy’ was an axiom we were taught the first week of OB-GYN residency; it’s as true today as it was before and after Roe, and after Dobbs. Make no mistake about it, an ectopic pregnancy is always a life-threatening condition, and the reality of being sued for delay in treatment far outweighs the misguided cry of those who say physicians will ‘withhold treatment.’ Like all OB-GYNs, including pro-life OB-GYNs, I commonly treated ectopic pregnancies as well as miscarriages. Neither are an abortion, and the myth that this will change after Dobbs is simply inconsistent with any clinical reality. Furthermore, it goes without saying, every state’s trigger laws allow for exceptions to save the life of the mom, debunking another outright lie. To say otherwise is simply fear-mongering.” (07/25/22)