For Legal Conservatives, Six Decades Of Folding, Followed By Sixteen Years To Draw A Full House

Source: The Volokh Conspiracy
by Josh Blackman

“We are now roughly one month from Dobbs. I still cannot believe it happened. Indeed, I still can’t believe the Court overruled Roe and Casey, expanded the Second Amendment, ‘abandoned’ Lemon, and so much more–in the span of a week! It is worthwhile to reflect on all the things that had to go right over the past sixteen years for this moment to happen. But it is also useful to keep stock how many blunders were made over the prior sixty years. Ed Whelan and Ilya Shapiro flagged many of the high points and low points. Here is the relevant chronology from my perspective. For judicial conservatives, there were sixty decades of famine, followed by sixteen years of feast.” (07/25/22)