US Congress debates forcing SCOTUS to televise arguments

Source: Fox News

“You sometimes hear the term ‘in camera’ when referring to happenings in a judge’s private chambers. The public and press corps generally don’t learn what unfolded behind closed doors. It’s a lot different than ‘on camera.’ And that’s precisely what could happen in the U.S. Supreme Court if a coalition of bipartisan senators has its way. The High Court bars cameras. But there’s been a push for decades to open up the Supreme Court and beam its proceedings into everyone’s living room and directly onto your iPhone. The Supreme Court is a secretive institution: only seats for 50 visitors, no cameras. Reporters only scribble with pens and notebooks inside.” [editor’s note: ALL government facilities should be equipped with 24/7 publicly available livestreams. And ALL government employees should have publicly accessible body cams running during all working hours (possible compromise for bathroom breaks negotiable) – TLK] (07/13/21)