Neither side is going to win the abortion fight with outlier cases

Source: Washington Post
by Megan McArdle

“No sooner had Ohio’s abortion ‘trigger law’ taken effect than a 10-year-old rape victim was forced to go to Indiana for an abortion. … Stories like this are a symptom of a Republican Party that came to depend on Roe v. Wade even as they labored to undo it. Roe meant you could pass never-never abortion laws to please the hardest-core activists in your base, safe in the knowledge that you wouldn’t actually have to confront the pregnant 10-year-old you were forcing to carry a baby. But stories like this are also a symptom of a broader problem with the abortion debate as it unfolded under Roe: We spend far too much time talking about the rarest, hardest cases rather than the prosaic realities of abortion as it usually occurs.” (07/24/22)